Not only your mom is a worldwide star but also cooks for you! How lucky are these celebrity fur babies??

Guess what happened when Demi Lovato and Paris Hilton teamed up to cook for their adorable fur squad? Spoiler alert: cuteness overload and a sprinkle of glamour!

Lovato's 'A Very Demi Holiday Special' show on The Roku Channel just aired with the guest stars Paris Hilton & Hilton Pets. The star duo made pet-friendly cakes for their dogs and talked about their deep love for their fur babies. Both Lovato and Hilton fur babies glamorously outshined their pawrents with their Moshiqa looks. Cinderella looks like Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde of Reese Witherspoon with her Metapink Fluff Sweater & Hat. Lovato also shared a story from her Instagram page; saying Ella Woods!

"The lengths we are going for our dogs, this is amazing," says Hilton.

"My dogs are such a huge part of the family, obviously, but during the holidays, having them like open presents with us Christmas morning is really cute and sweet," Lovato replies.

After creating their culinary masterpieces, the divas brought the treats to Hilton Pets' glam mansion for the ultimate taste test. Drumroll, please! "I think we slayed," declares Hilton. "We slayed, for sure," agrees Lovato.

Want to know which cake won the coveted title in the canine cake tasting contest? Tune in to The Roku Channel to witness the fierce taste battle and find out if Hilton's or Lovato's creation reigns supreme in the pet dessert kingdom!

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