Dear fellow cat enthusiasts, let's dive into the fascinating world of our stylish feline friends.
Cats have captured our hearts for centuries, and they've been immortalized in art since their domestication thousands of years ago. But did you know that dressing up cats is an age-old tradition that dates back to before the cats took over the internet?

Dressing cats dates back to the first civilizations. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered and adorned with precious jewelry and garments, symbolizing their elevated status.


 These early cat owners recognized the beauty and elegance of dressing their feline companions. The oldest photographs showing a cat in existence date to sometime in the 1840s. The photos from the early 1900s show us the owners dressing their cats up in clothes. Even when taking a photograph was an intensely hard, expensive, and rare event.


“Ready for bed" by Harry Whittier Frees in 1914


By Harry Whittier Frees, in 1914


It's heartwarming to see that even a century apart, pet owners have unintentionally shared this loving tradition, expressing their affection for their fluffy love balls in the most delightful ways.

The rise of social media has also contributed a significant role to the popularity of cat fashion. Catfluencers have taken the internet by storm and gained huge followings by showing their talents and cute styles to the fashion world.  


*Sunglass Cat of Instagram

When it comes to choosing the perfect cat apparel and accessories, we know pet parents want nothing but the best for their precious feline companions. They want to be assured of the comfort of their precious. Finding the most special and classy styles for your cat can be tough sometimes. This is why we create the most splendid cat wardrobe of all time here at Moshiqa.


From adorable sweaters to stylish accessories, Moshiqa Cat Fashion Collections is a unique way to showcase our feline friends’ great purrrsonalities, Whether you're looking to pamper your own furbaby or surprise your cat lover friends with a thoughtful gift. 


So let's celebrate the timeless bond between humans and cats, where history, art, and social media have come together to create a merry and fashionable world for our beloved furry pals.



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