This is a love story between me, Meryem Birsoz,  and my little shih-tzu. As best things in life happen mostly unexpectedly, this time around, too, it all started with an amazing surprise.

A little, timid shih tzu was standing right in front of my doorstep and LOVE at first sight! That little baby girl stole my heart in a matter of few seconds. Who would have said she was going to be my biggest inspiration and the face of the brand that I was going to build from scratch. But, even then, we just knew that this was going to be a long, long amorous journey for both of us.

While I was trying to be a good companion to her, I decided also to be partners with my baby girl, Moshi. From then on, instead of me just taking her to my work along with me, she became THE ONE who led us through thick and thin to our factory of unbound dreams in Moshiqaland!

Winter came and it was cold out, it broke my heart to see her shivering. So, I designed a winter jacket for her. She looked warm, adorable and happy in it. The happiness she gave me, and the warmth I gave her, started our MOSHIQA partnership. We have grown a bit.  We’re getting to know the wonderful the amazing land of our pet companions spreading all around the world.

Now we have stores in 25 countries, thousands of Pawlicious Members of Moshiqa Family all around the world..We are passionately growing..

Spreading LOVE paw by paw..


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