John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are a celebrity power couple known for their love of animals, particularly their dogs. This Legendary family has several furry friends who have become internet sensations, they have a special place in their hearts and are often featured in their social media posts and public appearances. Some of their beloved dogs include Pippa, a French Bulldog, Puddy, a English Bulldog, and Penny, another French Bulldog. They have also welcomed a new furry addition to their family, a rescue pup named Pearl, whom they adopted in 2021. John and Chrissy are proud pet parents and often speak out about animal welfare and the importance of adopting pets in need of a loving home.
John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s sweet doggies captured & spotted so many times by paw’parazzis when wearing their Dubai Necklaces, that even became a style legacy for this family's furry super-stars! Dubai Pet Necklace is a real classic that never goes out of style. This glam piece is also a celebrity-approved masterpiece.
Dubai Pet Necklace's classy pearls and dazzling design elevate your paw’some friend's style. Arisdograt Canines & Elegant Felines deserve the most sophisticated accessories which you can find dozens of options in Moshiqaland!

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