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Wonder Nest Dog Travel Bag Red



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Timeless pet carrier ,metal lettering logo on the left side.

Moshiqa monogram ,dog&cat locks. Locks open from the eyes.

Light gold hardware genuine leather

Width*height*depth :40*30*20 cm

Breathable side mesh window with roll-up flap removable shoulder bag.

Traveling in style with a pet is no easy thing to do; unless you have the Wonder Nest Pet Carrier... Moshiqa Wonder Nest Rouge Carrier is the perfect carrier for the pet parents who love bold elegance. 

The brightest shade of fierce red, gold metal accessories, the Moshiqa monogram, and the high-quality genuine leather are the essential keys of this timeless classic’s design. Moshiqa Wonder Nest Rouge Carrier is the stylish choice for the iconic look of your jet-set trips.  

It’s essential for pet parents to choose the most convenient carrier for their beloved pets, especially when they want to keep their furry loved one at their side all the time. Whether planning a road trip by car; flying with them in the cabin; sailing in a cruising yacht; regular trips to the veterinary clinic; or having a lovely brunch in the city with your bike... No matter the occasion, Moshiqa Wonder Nest Rouge Carrier can help you to carry your small pooch with you all the time. The breathable side mesh window with a roll-up flap will make them feel safe but not trapped. Moshiqa Carriers create a homey-like environment, giving your pet a sense of security to cope with anxiety-producing situations during trips. While keeping them protected during the voyage, it can also work as a cozy nest for them once you reach the destination. 

Moshiqa Wonder Nest Pet Carrier delights both pets and pet parents, with their unique design and fine craftsmanship.


Wonder Nest Dog Travel Bag Red

Wonder Nest Dog Travel Bag Red