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Toby Little Dude Hipster Dog Shirt

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Are we in Silverlake yet? Because the Toby Little Dude Hipster Shirt is the new uniform for every hipster dog in town. It comes in light blue and pink fabric with a dark blue and white houndstooth bow-tie. Soft and comfortable, it is the perfect look for a lazy sunny afternoon.

Size chart:

XS: Neck 23 cm, chest 36 cm, length 20,5 cm

S: Neck 29 cm, chest 40 cm, length 24,5 cm

M: Neck 32 cm, chest 47 cm, length 29 cm

L: Neck 35 cm, chest 52 cm, length 33 cm

XL: Neck 38 cm, chest 56 cm, length 36 cm

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