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Laika Human Passport Brown



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13,5x10 cm

5.31x3.93 in

Traveling in style with a pet is no easy thing to do. Thankfully, Moshiqa makes it easier for you with its jet-set Travel Collections...

Moshiqa designed the most exquisite passport covers both for you and your furry baby to keep you organized on business trips and vacations. Laika Passport Cover is the cutest member of the Moshiqa Travel Collection. This exquisite passport holder is designed for pet parents who love the bold and luxurious style. It has a lovely bow tie on it that is embellished with metal Moshiqa monograms. Not only Laika Passport Cover can hold your belongings in style, it also keeps your animal companion’s identity, and numerous travel documents together. You can keep your passport and your pet’s ID safe with Moshiqa’s Laika Passport Cover.

This timeless travel essential has many pockets inside to keep your boarding pass and travel documents secure. It can also store credit cards, cash, and other small items. Whether you’re going to a European country or having a trip in the USA, Moshiqa Laika Passport Cover keeps your passports and personal belongings safe and secure. While it keeps your passport protected from outer effects, it also helps you to have your travel documents always ready to declare.

Laika Passport Cover is made of high-quality genuine leather with the brightest shades of the rainbow. Available in colors; including Black, Brown, Beige, Pink, Red, and Orange.

Moshiqa Passport Covers is the stylish choice for the iconic looks of your jet-set trips. This travel essential combines high-quality design with elegance and delights the pet families with the unique design and fine craftsmanship. All  Moshiqa Travel Collection products are inspired by our beloved furry world travelers and highlight the “traveling in style” the theme for happier journeys, in a stylish way for both pets and their parents.

Laika Human Passport Brown

Laika Human Passport Brown