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At Moshiqa we believe a successful company has a responsibility to the greater community. Supporting non-profit organizations and institutions as well as initiatives, supporting both Animal Rights as well as Woman’s Empowerment internationally, are at the core of Moshiqa's foundation.
When you purchase a Moshiqa product, your purchase directly impacts the lives of young women and the welfare of the homeless animals in shelters for the better. We are also happy and proud to have chosen to dedicate 10% of the sales revenue of our latest collaboration with Moshiqa x Wonder Woman 1984 to The Malala Fund and Dumpster Doggies, upon the choice of the customer.
Join our purr’fect movement by purchasing a Moshiqa product and do not mind sharing, “how you are giving back” on social media, using #Letsmoshiqa
With you, helping us paw by paw, we continue our higher mission to give back for the better.

Unfortunately, there are more than 130 million girls out of school today. The Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead by breaking down barriers that hold girls back since 2013. Malala Fund works in regions where most girls miss out on secondary education and fights for every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education to create a more equal world by making sure all girls can go to school.

Dumpster Doggies is a non-profit animal rescue organization that takes place in Northern Turkey. The foundation is rescuing dogs and cats that suffering on the streets or neglected in the wild. Through the rescue process, Dumpster Doggies works to raise awareness for abandoned animals. The team rescues animals, provides veterinary care, and transfers the animals to partner adoption centers. We provide food, medication, and shelter to stray dogs in the Kastamonu area.

Every pet is a hero!

They love us unconditionally. Their love saves us from life's stressful moments. We believe that this magical bond deserves praise. Share your beloved paw's picture with us and let's celebrate this love together!

As Virginia Woolf said, “For most of history, anonymous was a woman.” Throughout history, it was always women who push society to move forward and changed the world for the better, undeniably.

It was hard to establish the “woman” image as we know today. From the beginning of humankind, women had to fight for their rights. Fought for to assert themselves as human beings or to acknowledged themselves in their fields...
Throughout the years history has seen fierce, strong, inspiring women existed. They still exist all over the world, give the courage we need. This is why Moshiqa defends women’s rights and equality and works towards female empowerment. This is why we want to celebrate and pay tribute to these strong women!
The following women; who are scientists, mathematicians, artists, aviators, inventors, scientists, leaders, politicians, writers are glowing role-models of womanhood. These powerful women have been pioneers for women’s equality in the world. They are all warriors and inspire us in our own modern lives to achieve big dreams!

You are all an inspiration! We WOOF You!


WHO IS SHE: Malala is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. She is known for human rights advocacy, especially the education of women and children in her native Pakistan, where the local Pakistani Taliban had at times banned girls from attending school. She was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012 but thankfully survived.

HOW SHE INSPIRE US: “I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not. It is the story of many girls.” As a young girl, Malala Yousafzai defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that girls be allowed to receive an education. In 2014, she became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Her advocacy has grown into an international movement.

WHAT SHE TAUGHT US: She is one of the most inspiring and influential young people alive today. Through her incredible work and advocacy, embodies the global struggle for gender equality and female education. She founded The Malala Fund, which is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead by breaking down barriers that hold girls back since 2013. Malala Fund works in regions where most girls miss out on secondary education and fights for every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education to create a more equal world by making sure all girls can go to school.

We Woof You Malala! You’re an Inspiration!



“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.”

WHO IS SHE: Dame Elizabeth Rosemond was an English-American actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian. She began her career as a child actress in the early 1940s, and was one of the most popular stars of classical Hollywood cinema in the 1950s. She continued her career successfully into the 1960s, and remained a well-known public figure for the rest of her life.

HOW SHE INSPIRE US: Taylor was one of the first celebrities to participate in HIV/AIDS activism and helped to raise more than $270 million for the cause. She was honored with several awards for her philanthropic work. She was made a Knight of the French Legion of Honour in 1987, and received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1993, the Screen Actors' Guild Lifetime Achievement Award for Humanitarian service in 1997, the GLAAD Vanguard Award in 2000, and the Presidential Citizens Medal in 2001. She also was known for her passionate love of animals.

WHAT SHE TAUGHT US: She fought for HIV/AIDS research. In addition to co-founding the American Foundation for AIDS Research and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, her massive jewelry collection was auctioned off after she died and the money went toward the cause.

We woof you Elizabeth Taylor! You're an inspiration!



 WHO IS SHE: Georgia O'Keeffe was a doyenne of American modernist painting. She has been recognized as the "Mother of American modernism.” She was known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, New York skyscrapers, and New Mexico landscapes.

HOW SHE INSPIRE US:  She loves nature and animals. She was given two Blue Chow Chow puppies; Bo and Chia for Christmas in 1953 that her heart was truly stolen. She went on to own six Chows and cats in her lifetime, referring to them fondly as "Little People”

WHAT SHE TAUGHT US: O’Keeffe painted nature in a way that showed how it made her feel. In 1940 she was given a retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago and in 1946, she became the first female artist to be afforded a retrospective at MoMA. Despite beginning to suffer from macular degeneration in 1972, which left her with only peripheral vision, O’Keeffe continued working in pencil and charcoal until 1984.

We Woof You Georgia O’Keeffe! You’re an Inspiration!



WHO IS SHE: Austrian/American film actress Hedy Lamarr was known as "the most beautiful woman in the world" She was part of 30 films in her acting career. But most importantly, she was also the inventor of the precursor to the type of wireless communications used today in mobile phones, GPS and wi-fi.

HOW SHE INSPIRE US: “The brains of people are more interesting than the looks I think,” Hollywood actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr said.

WHAT SHE TAUGHT US: LaMarr’s inventive mind and the work that she did throughout her career pushed the boundaries of how women are perceived. She was one of the first women to owns a production company and to tells stories from a female perspective. Lamarr described as “being so ahead of her time with being a feminist” by the people who has known her.

We Woof You Hedy Lamarr You Are An Inspiration!



WHO IS SHE: Dr.Jane Goodall is an English primatologist and anthropologist, considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.

HOW SHE INSPIRE US: She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and she has worked extensively on conservation and animal welfare issues. Today, Goodall devotes virtually all of her time to advocacy on behalf of chimpanzees and the environment. Goodall is also a board member for the world's largest chimpanzee sanctuary outside of Africa, Save the Chimps in Fort Pierce, Florida. Although Goodall has done animal research on chimpanzees exclusively for over 60 years, she has stated that dogs are her favourite animal. 

WHAT SHE TAUGHT US: Over the years Goodall was able to correct a number of misunderstandings about chimpanzees. She found, for example, that the animals are omnivorous, not vegetarian; that they are capable of making and using tools; and, in short, that they have a set of hitherto unrecognized complex and highly developed social behaviours. Goodall wrote a number of books and articles about various aspects of her work, notably In the Shadow of Man (1971). She summarized her years of observation in The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behavior (1986). In 2002 she became a UN Messenger of Peace.

We Woof You Jane Goodall! You’re an inspiration!



"I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex."

WHO IS SHE: Katharine Hepburn was an American actress in Hollywood for more than 60 years. She appeared in a range of genres, and she received a record four Academy Awards for Lead Acting Performances, plus eight further nominations. In 1999, Hepburn was named by the American Film Institute the greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema.

HOW SHE INSPIRE US: She was known for her fierce independence, spirited personality. She was outspoken and assertive. And pushing boundaries for women!

WHAT SHE TAUGHT US: Katharine Hepburn was unabashed about maintaining a sense of self and independence. Hepburn famously shunned the Hollywood publicity system and refused to conform to society's expectations of women. She wore trousers before they were fashionable for women, during an era in which wearing trousers was considered acceptable for men only. Katharine Hepburn insisted on wearing trousers on and off set. She said “If you always do what interests you at least one person is pleased,”

We Woof You Katherine! You’re an Inspiration!



WHO IS SHE: English writer, essayist and feminist Virginia Woolf is considered one of the most important modernist 20th-century authors. She was best known for her novels, especially Mrs. Dalloway (1925) and To the Lighthouse (1927).

HOW SHE INSPIRE US: She had that famous love for Spaniel dogs. Virginia had many cooker Spaniels since her childhood and her first published essay was an obituary to the family's dog. She also wrote a biography of a dog Flush; for the 19th-century poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s spaniel in 1933. Woolf approached the emotional world of dogs from a literary perspective.

WHAT SHE TAUGHT US: Woolf became one of the central subjects of the 1970s movement of feminist criticism and her works have since garnered much attention and widespread commentary for "inspiring feminism". Her works have been translated into more than 50 languages. She also wrote pioneering essays on artistic theory, literary history, women's writing, and the politics of power.

We Woof You Virginia! You’re an Inspiration!