Moshiqa is a high-end lifestyle brand for pets and pet lovers; offering a unique selection of luxurious fashion wear, leather goods and accessories, established in Los Angeles by self-made woman entrepreneur Meryem Birsoz and her heroin life partner Moshi, the Shih Tzu, in 2017.

Meryem Birsoz embarked on an ambitious journey on her own, with determination and a lot of hard work, like so many women do today. She was nourished from her love for animals and her passion for fashion, to create a global luxury lifestyle brand where pet lovers could celebrate their love for beloved pets. From the stylish collars and leashes, to sophisticated carriers, Moshiqa’s fine craftsmanship and unique designs create a range of genuine pet products, designed to be enhancing a pet lovers’ comfort and style.

Birsoz grew Moshiqa into one of the most desired and successful luxury lifestyle brands for pet accessories in the world. In three years, self-funded Moshiqa became #1 in Asia and #2 in the US in 2019 against all odds. Today, Moshiqa continues to passionately grow present in stores in 25 countries. The Moshiqa Family has thousands of proud Pawlicious Members, being favored by A-list celebrities and socialites around the world, including globally famous celebrities like; Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Chrissy Teigen.

As a global pioneer and leader in Cats & Dogs Deluxe Couture, Moshiqa helps proudly, Woman´s Empowerment causes for the women of all cultures and social status, as well as abandoned pets around the world.

Spreading love, paw by paw…