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JAG Design Dog Carrier Grey



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Traveling in style is no easy thing to do; unless of course you have the Jag Designt Pet Travel Bag.

A timeless design that will give you this classy and effortless look we all seek after a long flight.

Breathable side mesh with roll-up flap, double zip-around closure, genuine leather 

40.0 x 30.0 x 20.0 cm
( length  x height  x width )

Are you a business pet parent “on the go” or a classic style enthusiast who seek new design approaches? Then Moshiqa Jag Design Series is the most perfect pet carrier for you!     


Moshiqa Jag Design Gris is designed for the pet parents who embrace the minimalistic style. Jag Design Gris is an ideal blend of highly sophisticated design and the maximum comfort to keep your pets happy during travels. Clean cuts, simple lines and the multitasking functionality... Moshiqa Jag Design Gris Carrier is focusing on the beauty of simplicity. You can travel your beloved pooch without compromising your style and most importantly their comfort.


Whether planning a trip with your own car or travelling with plane; sailing in a cruising yacht, or taking your furry baby to the regular veterinary trips or just simply strolling in the city...

Moshiqa Jag Design Gris carries you through the busy workdays, happy vacations and so much more... The noble grey color, metal accessories, and high-quality genuine leather are the essentials of this timeless design. Jag Design Carrier will give you the classy and effortless look that we all seek after for our journeys. 


The Moshiqa Carrier Collection combines high-quality design, and elegance and delights the voyages of pet families, with its unique design and fine craftsmanship and highlights the “traveling in style” the theme for happier journeys, in a stylish way for both pets and their parents.


JAG Design Dog Carrier Grey

JAG Design Dog Carrier Grey