Mira Dog Dress - Moshiqa
Mira Dog Dress - Moshiqa

Mira Dog Dress

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If you are planning to go to a special event, the Mira Dress and its matching hat are what you need. The overall outfit is extremely elegant, yet not boring, and would be a perfect fit for a Derby day or any upscale event.

Made of cotton, we show once more that at Moshiqa, we can make fashion and comfort work together.


Sizes in cm:

XXS: Chest: 26 Neck: 19 Lenght: 17,5  

XS: C: 30 N: 22 L: 21  

S: C: 34 N: 24 L: 24  

M: C: 38 N:27 L: 27  

L: C:44 N:31 L:31  

XL: C:49 N:34 L:33


Sizes in inch:

XXS: Chest: 10,2 Neck: 7,4 Lenght: 6,8

XS: C: 11,8 N: 8,6 L: 9,4

S: C: 13,3 N: 9,4 L: 9,4

M: C:14,9 N:10,6 L: 10,6

L: C:17,3 N:12,2 L:12,2

XL: C:19,2 N:13,3 L:12,9

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