Luna Dog Dress - Moshiqa
Luna Dog Dress - Moshiqa

Luna Dog Dress

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The Luna Dress.. That piece missing from your closet! Made of cotton and lycra, this elegant and classy dress is embroidered with pearls and perfected with bows and different fabrics. This “look charming” look is everything your girl needs to feel fierce and confident.


Sizes in cm:

XXS: Chest: 26 Neck: 19 Length: 17,5  

XS: C: 30 N: 22 L: 21  

S: C: 34 N: 24 L: 24  

M: C: 38 N:27 L: 27  

L: C:44 N:31 L:31  

XL: C:49 N:34 L:33


Sizes in inch:

XXS: Chest: 10,2 Neck: 7,4 Length: 6,8

XS: C: 11,8 N: 8,6 L: 9,4

S: C: 13,3 N: 9,4 L: 9,4

M: C:14,9 N:10,6 L: 10,6

L: C:17,3 N:12,2 L:12,2

XL: C:19,2 N:13,3 L:12,9

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