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They’re so tiny and so sweet! Shih Tzu, was raised as a Palace dog in China, warmed the feet of the kings.These cute friends who need daily browsing and care also make great deal with other dogs!If you have a Shih Tzu or you are thinking of owning one, be ready: you actually have a wolf dog!The genes of Shih Tzu, which are highly protective, are very similar to wolves :))As we watched Best Breed Ever’s video, we want to fill the house with Shih Tzu!

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Lexi is a very sweet Samoyed. This cute dog, who is as active as a child at home, thinks that her father is on his way to waking up.Father, has resisted not to wake up, does not end up in a hurryImagine a white feather coming to your head with a wet nose to wake you up!If Lexi thinks you need to wake up, it’s time to wake upDogs are a joy to our home! We love these babies make sense of our life

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