by Booster Apps on July 25, 2019

We heard you when you say you’ve got a killer style and we don’t blame you for wanting your furkids to rock an equally show-stopping look. In this list, we pick out the best luxury fashion accessories for pets to match with your freshest wardrobe picks this season.

Right Image
 Paris Hilton and Diamond Baby seen in Moshiqa (Photo credit: Moshiqa)
Left Image
 Christian Cowan x Moshiqa collaboration collection featuring glittery wow dog leash (Photo credit: Moshiqa)

Moshiqa is a prestigious brand in the fashion world of pets. Its luxury fashion accessories are well-loved globally and are often seen decked out on Lady Gaga‘s french bulldog and Paris Hilton’s pocket-sized chihuahua Diamond Baby. Moshiqa has also expanded into an exclusive pets collection with designer Christian Cowan for a fun-filled range that consists of glittery leashes, collar bracelets and even dog carriers.

Shop for Moshiqa here.

Tiffany & Co.
Right Image
 Featuring the Tiffany blue leather collar (Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.)
Left Image
 Tiffany & Co. leather pet collar (Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.)

What’s cute is that your pet can now strut its stuff in its very own Tiffany & Cocollar that’s also splashed with the brand’s iconic teal hue. Made in Tiffany blue leather and accompanied with a palladium-plated metal hardware pendant, the collar is sized from extra small to extra large. Aside from these crafted collars, you can shop for Tiffany blue tinted dog and cat bowls, leather leashes as well as collar charms.

Shop for the Tiffany & Co. pet collection here.

Moncler at
Right Image
 Moncler hooded puffer dog vest (Photo credit: Moncler / Saks Fifth Avenue)
Left Image
 Moncler hooded puffer dog vest (Photo credit: Moncler / Saks Fifth Avenue)

This padded vest will warm your furkid against the cold temperatures — just like an adult-sized Moncler jacket. The waterproof vest also comes with a detachable hood for easy removal when it isn’t snowing or raining outdoors. If you can see past the steep price tag, throwing this stylish colour-blocked layer on your pooch will instantly boost the little fella’s street credibility.

Shop for the Moncler vest here.

Ralph Lauren
Right Image
 Ralph Lauren dog polo shirt in watermelon pink (Photo credit: Ralph Lauren)
Left Image
 Ralph Lauren dog cashmere sweater (Photo credit: Ralph Lauren)

If you are looking for a classic piece to dress your furry companion with, we suggest Ralph Lauren’s polo shirt and sweater range for pets. While the polo shirts make the perfect summer look, the cashmere cable knit sweater is befitting for an indoor formal reception. The clothing pieces are not only constructed to fit your dog well, they will also look exceptionally chic wearing them.

Shop for Ralph Lauren’s pet clothing collection here.

Louis Vuitton
Right Image
 Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier 40 (Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)
Left Image
 Inner compartment of the Dog Carrier (Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)

The Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather carrier is made to fit small-sized dogs and designed specially to guard against water and scratches. Additionally it comes with a zipped breathable mesh panel to keep your puppy safe. Custom hot stamping of your pooch’s name is also possible with the marque’s special personalisation service.

Shop for the Louis Vuitton dog carrier here.


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