Halloween is right around the corner and Moshiqa Family is ready to party!


This year you may not go to a Halloween party or walk around your neighborhood to play trick or treat. But you can always have fun with your furry babies at home and stay safe.

In this Halloween, Moshiqa is taking you on a glamorous journey to the Old HOLLYWOOF Era with the most cutest Furry Pupmodels.

From the glam girls with diamond necklaces to the rebel boys with an attitude; the most handsome gentlemen, to the ladies who are the symbol of grace...

Moshiqa has so many Halloween costume ideas for your beloved furry friends!


Everyone loves the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The one and only Audrey Hepburn and her iconic look in the opening scene is one of the most elegant fashion statements of all time and definitely unforgettable...

This Halloween you can dress up your beloved furry baby just like Audrey Hepburn and mimic her elegant style with Moshiqa’s Dubai Necklace.  

The most elegant puppies deserve the most sophisticated accessories like Moshiqa Dubai Necklace. The refined design meets with three rows of luxurious pearls and your fur baby will feel like a royal. This necklace is so stylish, yet sophisticated with its delicate pearls. Absolutely paw'fect for a classy Halloween.

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Do you remember An Affair to Remember? This iconic Hollywoof movie is referred to as one of the most romantic movies of all time. The handsome gentleman Carry Grant plays a well-known playboy in this movie and delights with his dapper styles.

Moshiqa Shine On Bow Cat & Dog Collar is the ultra glittery gadget that reminds us of Carry Grant’s dazzling look. This collar is so stylish and suits every party’s dress code! It is as comfortable as it is irresistible, your paw’some furry kids looks like a movie star.  

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 “A kiss on the hand may be quite continental. But diamonds are a Pup’s Best Friend...”

Moshiqa designed the most glamorous necklace for our glamorous furry companions: Moshiqa Christian Cowan Diamond Necklace... This necklace shines like the stars in the sky. Your furbaby is ready to party anytime with this paw’fect necklace’s sparkled stones and aesthetically pleasing design.

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 This Halloween your beloved pooch can cosplay the handsome Humphrey Bogart in the Casablanca, listening to “As Time Goes By” with its exquisite Moshiqa Best Man Bathrobe.

Is this a tuxedo or a bathrobe? So hard to define! Moshiqa Best Man Bathrobe is the most sophisticated member of the Moshiqa Bathrobe Family. Best Man Bathrobe combines the fully absorbent, 100% soft cotton toweling with the smoking design because Moshiqa Babies deserve the most luxurious baths.

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If there is someone who knows how to host a party this is definitely the Great Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby who regularly throws extravagant parties at his big mansion in fiction inspires countless parties in the real world. He has an exceptionally stylish wardrobe, and the most unique accessories just like Moshiqa Babies. 

You can switch your pooch’s business mode to the party style with Moshiqa's pawfect day-to-night tie. Monsieur Cravat is designed for Moshiqa by Christian Cowan and made of ultra glittery vinyl with a velvety lining. Embellished with Moshiqa monogram, and the dog & cat monograms of Moshiqa at the tip of the tie.

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James Dean was one of the most handsome heartthrobs of 50’s Hollywood. He is remembered as a cultural icon with his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause. He has a genuinely cool, rebellious style that still inspires men with its iconic looks.

Just like James Dean, Moshiqa’s Furry Babies love to be free... This is why all Moshiqa products are designed for maximum comfort. Each and every Moshiqa Harness is designed with exquisite tailoring and its adjustable buckles are made for ensuring an ergonomic fit. Dogs and cats feel free and the walks are more fun. Moshiqa Pierre Harness is an absolute show stopper harness with its geometric, caged design paw’fect for the Little Furry Rebels.  

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“We were young and we were dumb, but we had heart...” this lyric really sounds like that describing our beloved furry companions. They’re young, a little dumb -in a cute way, and have the golden hearts that love us unconditionally.

Moshiqa’s I Woof U Hoodie reminds us of the hip hop/R&B legend Tupac. This statement hoodie is a high-end example of the contemporary street style for sure. This stylish seasonal wear is the essential item for the coziest fall/winter wardrobes. I Woof U hoodies have also a hooman version, so you can match your style with your furry friends be twinsie hip hop stars.


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