This is the fact: Frida Kahlo changed art history and paved the way for female artists! Her strong character and unique style inspired and still inspire many people on the globe for decades.  

Frida had a vivacious menagerie with monkeys, sparrows, macaws parakeets, parrots, a deer, a fawn, and an eagle...

Her hairless pre-Hispanic Aztek dogs were always by her side. She said, her monkeys symbolized the children that she was never able to have because of the horrific wounds. These treasured animals were her fur-babies.

Kahlo’s festive gang was also the muse for her paintings. These lovely creatures became the iconic art treasures of our century with Frida’s heavenly talent.


 Me and My Parrots - 1941

 Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940

Self Portrait with Monkeys - 1943