You were right Andy! Today every paw can be famous with an IG account, and this is not only just for 15 minutes...


The protagonist icon of pop culture Andy Warhol said that he never met a pet he didn't like. Well, that was a fact cause he always lived with many pets.


Although he is famous for his groundbreaking art masterpieces, Andy Warhol was always amazed by nature and created many artworks that portrayed various furry personas, which all were an official testimony to his great love of animals indeed. He published a collab book with his mother dedicated to their 25 cats in his first years in NY as an illustrator. His pets accompanied him in his art studio and went almost everywhere he went, inspired him their glorious paw’sonalities!




Warhol created an iconic series called  “Endangered Species” in the 80s. This projection of ten rare animals raised environmental consciousness and funds for the extinct animals of the world.


We Woof You Andy <3 You’re An Inspiration!