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  • Dogs Fun

    It’s time to wake up!

    Lexi is a very sweet Samoyed. This cute dog, who is as active as a child at home, thinks that her father is on his way to waking up. Father, has…

  • Dogs Fashion

    Two in one: Bracelet and Leash

    Moshiqa combines the practicality of leather blouse, makes walks more enjoyable with a leash. You can feel comfortable in the city and on long walks with bracelet that you can easily…

  • Dogs Fun

    How Long Can You Stand Puppy Kisses?

    Roxy, you are great! Think of a dog that never gets tired of kissing people. This wonderful dog, Roxy, loves people very much. How long can you stand on this sweet…

  • Celebrity Dogs

    Lady Gaga’s Pink Black Style

    Lady Gaga and Asia in Berlin showed pink black harmony. With pink dress Tshirt and a full style icon, Lady Gaga’s curling hair have also been a perfect fit for the…