Shih Tzu Time!

They’re so tiny and so sweet! Shih Tzu, was raised as a Palace dog in China, warmed the feet of the kings.
These cute friends who need daily browsing and care also make great deal with other dogs!
If you have a Shih Tzu or you are thinking of owning one, be ready: you actually have a wolf dog!
The genes of Shih Tzu, which are highly protective, are very similar to wolves :))
As we watched Best Breed Ever’s video, we want to fill the house with Shih Tzu!

It’s time to wake up!

Lexi is a very sweet Samoyed. This cute dog, who is as active as a child at home, thinks that her father is on his way to waking up.

Father, has resisted not to wake up, does not end up in a hurry 🙂
Imagine a white feather coming to your head with a wet nose to wake you up!
If Lexi thinks you need to wake up, it’s time to wake up 🙂
Dogs are a joy to our home! We love these babies make sense of our life 🙂


How Long Can You Stand Puppy Kisses?

Roxy, you are great!
Think of a dog that never gets tired of kissing people.
This wonderful dog, Roxy, loves people very much. How long can you stand on this sweet dog, who kisses people for hours at a time?
We watch a bunch of people coming in for a kiss of this little sweet friend. They’re all trying to hold on to Roxy’s kisses the longest.
One of them was a record-breaking person who lasted Roxy the longest!