A Timeless Classic: Wonder Nest Travel Bag

The Wonder Nest Bag is a pet carrier you will not want to leave your travels with for stylish design and comfort for cats and dogs.
Pink, Red, Beige, Blue and Black color options combine with the pleasure of our little friends.

Moshiqa Wonder Nest Travel Bag is ideal for long-haul air travel with antibacterial fabric and an airtight panel divider. With its soft inner texture, your dog or cat can sleep comfortably in the bag.

A great alternative for small dogs like Pomeranian, Yorkie and Chihuahua, Wonder Nest is also very light!


Elegance of Pearls: Dubai Necklace

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s wonderful Pippa, feel like a star with Dubai Necklace!

With Moshiqa Dubai Necklace, dogs are feeling like a princess.
Especially when combined with beige and pastel colors, the Dubai Necklace looks great as a super star.
The dogs sharing their photographs with the Dubai Necklace in Instagram look great!


Diva Tomasa:

We can see they feel like a model!



The maltese terrier Toby Little Dude who lives in Vancouver, Canada, has a huge global fan base with his cute hipster wardrobe, hats, accessories and his fluffy white fur. He also likes to put on fancy spectacles  and glasses a lot.
He is said to love the stage and never misses an opportunity for a photoshoot.  As would be expected, Toby Little Dude is an Instagram phenomenon. On top of that, his postcards are always on high demand globally.
He is a star. He is an Icon!!
Making the same choice with Lady Gaga’s dog Miss Asia , John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s dog Pippa, the Trendsetter, and Fashion Genius TobyLittle Dude, too raises the Moshiqa flag.

Now Moshiqa has a capsule collection prepared in collaboration with the fine taste jolly creativity high style of Toby Little Dude.

Two in one: Bracelet and Leash

Moshiqa combines the practicality of leather blouse, makes walks more enjoyable with a leash.

You can feel comfortable in the city and on long walks with bracelet that you can easily walk your dog while you are interested in your phone.

The Bracelet with Leash that Moshiqa’s original design and comfort combine fit into your outfits with different colors and accessory options.

For more, you can review our bracelet with leashes in the Leads section.