Elegance of Pearls: Dubai Necklace

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s wonderful Pippa, feel like a star with Dubai Necklace!

With Moshiqa Dubai Necklace, dogs are feeling like a princess.
Especially when combined with beige and pastel colors, the Dubai Necklace looks great as a super star.
The dogs sharing their photographs with the Dubai Necklace in Instagram look great!


Diva Tomasa:

We can see they feel like a model!



The maltese terrier Toby Little Dude who lives in Vancouver, Canada, has a huge global fan base with his cute hipster wardrobe, hats, accessories and his fluffy white fur. He also likes to put on fancy spectacles  and glasses a lot.
He is said to love the stage and never misses an opportunity for a photoshoot.  As would be expected, Toby Little Dude is an Instagram phenomenon. On top of that, his postcards are always on high demand globally.
He is a star. He is an Icon!!
Making the same choice with Lady Gaga’s dog Miss Asia , John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s dog Pippa, the Trendsetter, and Fashion Genius TobyLittle Dude, too raises the Moshiqa flag.

Now Moshiqa has a capsule collection prepared in collaboration with the fine taste jolly creativity high style of Toby Little Dude.

Lady Gaga’s Pink Black Style

Lady Gaga and Asia in Berlin showed pink black harmony.
With pink dress Tshirt and a full style icon, Lady Gaga’s curling hair have also been a perfect fit for the styling.

MOSHIQA is a great duo with Lady Gaga and Asia, prefer the black color of the Giocco Bracelet with Leash and Bello Collar.


Lady Gaga, who also missed Miss Asia in her shows, gives her style as much as her own style.

MOSHIQA Giocco Bracelet with Leash look great in Lady Gaga and Asia.

All About Moshiqa

Moshiqa products, which have become a favorite for cat and dog friends of many Hollywood stars such as Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio, in Moshiqa Store and Studio in Nişantaşı.

MOSHIQA created by Meryem Birsöz is from MOSHI, the dear friend of the famous designer. Moshiqa products, produced entirely handmade from top quality materials, offer collections that open up horizons in world trends for animal lovers.

The philosophy of MOSHIQA is to move the world of our small friends to the new dimensions by keeping the happiness of the movement and happiness in the foreground, sharing high quality technological materials, rich and well thought out solutions and haute couture designs with their friends.

Jennifer Aniston (Doll), Demi Moore (Vida Blue), Melinda Kerr (Frankie), Lisa Vanderpump (Gigi) John Legend, his wife Chrissy Teigen, and beloved dogs Penny, Pippa and Puddy de Moshiqa fans.

Moshiqa products are sold in Istanbul as well as in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Taipei, Tokyo and many other metropolises. Moshiqa products can also be purchased online and through e-commerce channels.


Lady Gaga and her dog Asia went sightseeing in Berlin

They say that owners look like their dogs.

And while facially Lady Gaga and her French Bulldog Asia don’t have that much in common, when it comes to their attire, they’ve got the matchy-matchy look down pat.

Stepping out in Berlin for a spot of sightseeing on Tuesday, both left their trousers at home, opting instead to protect their modesty in cute pink T-shirts. Lady Gaga’s dog Asia enjoying her MOSHIQA TINTIN Dog Leash with Bracelet.

Lady Gaga is a fashion lover with Asia

Lady Gaga is a fashion lover with Asia at Brussels where she went for the European Tour. The wonderful harmony of black and red looks great on Lady Gaga and Asia. MOSHIQA Bijou harness and Bisou leash are Lady Gaga and Asia’s favourite accessories in Brussels.