All About Moshiqa

Moshiqa products, which have become a favorite for cat and dog friends of many Hollywood stars such as Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio, in Moshiqa Store and Studio in Nişantaşı.

MOSHIQA created by Meryem Birsöz is from MOSHI, the dear friend of the famous designer. Moshiqa products, produced entirely handmade from top quality materials, offer collections that open up horizons in world trends for animal lovers.

The philosophy of MOSHIQA is to move the world of our small friends to the new dimensions by keeping the happiness of the movement and happiness in the foreground, sharing high quality technological materials, rich and well thought out solutions and haute couture designs with their friends.

Jennifer Aniston (Doll), Demi Moore (Vida Blue), Melinda Kerr (Frankie), Lisa Vanderpump (Gigi) John Legend, his wife Chrissy Teigen, and beloved dogs Penny, Pippa and Puddy de Moshiqa fans.

Moshiqa products are sold in Istanbul as well as in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Taipei, Tokyo and many other metropolises. Moshiqa products can also be purchased online and through e-commerce channels.


Best Friends Forever

In this video Budweiser’s Superbowl prepares, a very sweet puppy is our hero. A puppy dog ​​can always melt hearts, right?

This video is a friendship story. It is not possible to be impressed on foot and if you do not have a dog you can decide to own one after this video 🙂 The most valuable thing in this world is our friendship and our best friends are our pets.

Happy Mother’s Day!

The sweetest mothers in the world could be dogs and pussies! There’s nothing like the Golden Retriever playing with the babies or the cradle pulling the baby from the stairs. Our most loyal friends are always wonderful, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day of all the cats and dogs!

MOSHIQA in Marie Claire

In Marie Claire interview, curious questions about MOSHIQA were answered by the brand owner Meryem Birsoz. How are MOSHIQA products prepared? What materials are used when creating MOSHIQA collections? and more details on the Marie Claire Interview…

MOSHIQA at Luxe Beat

John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen traveled with the lovely French bulldog Pippa in MOSHIQA Dubai Necklace in New York.

Famous couple who love to spend time with their dogs often go for a walk. They also frequently share their dog’s photos in social media. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend complement each other with Pippa.

MOSHIQA products at Lead the Walk

MOSHIQA products meet animal lovers in Lead the Walk. Follow your dog fashion with red Bijou harness and Bisou leash among your favorite dog products.

On Lead the Walk you can also find MOSHIQA SPA collection and other cat dog products.

MOSHIQA at Bitch New York

MOSHIQA’s leather goods and other collections can be purchased online via Harness, collar and many more MOSHIQA cat dog products Bitch New York …

MOSHIQA at Me Von Isle

Me Von Isle: “When it comes to our beloved four-legged buddies, most of us think they deserve the very best of the best and we at Mevonisle are no different. We’ve recently bought our mascot dogs Gweilo & Kibo a CozyCave & Teepee, and are constantly searching for new cool pet-gadgets.

The one thing that has been missing in my collection, is the perfect travel bag that will carry Kibo from A to Z. And I have found the dog-bag jackpot, these great carriers from Moshiqa. The Pet Carrier features a simple design look that opens easily from the top and has a mesh window on the front for your bestie to see what’s happening outside. The beige color suits perfectly with Kibo’s hair tone; oh we will look so fabulously stylish together.”